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The History of Chase's Lake

Our Lake has a very interesting and colorful past. It's hard to believe that over 100 years ago this area was the home to a thriving lumber business, had 2 stores, a post office, theater, and a popular Hotel. Many things change over time but the great fire of 1913 combined with New York State claiming in 1909 the surrounding land as a State Forest Preserve altered the local economy and appearance of Chase's Lake into what we see today.

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 1798 ... Chase's Lake was surrounded by vast untouched forest owned by James J. Watson

 1804 ... Reuben & Eunice Chase were one of the first settlers of Watson, NY. They built their cabin on the outlet of the lake and began a lumber business

 1851 ... Charles Chase purchased 750 acres surrounding portions of the lake from NYS

 July 4th,1861 ... a cannon was fired from North Shore Rd toward Finger Point. A 6# cannonball was retrieved from the lake bottom by the Burns family

 By 1861 ... a general store, sawmill and Chases's Lake Hotel were built . Eventually the Chase family owned 3,008 acres including Hinchings and Parsons Pond, Upper and Lower Chase's Lake.

 1871 ... Reuben Chase died and Chase's Lake was sold to LeRoy Crawford. Lewis, Crawford & Co. operated a logging, peeling & extracting plant on the lake until 1899.

 1896 ... Leroy Crawford operated the very popular The Pines Hotel until his retirement in 1914. Many postcards were printed depicting life at Chase's Lake. It was located on North Shore Rd on the outlet.

 1909 ... New York State took much of the area property by eminent domain for State Forest Preserve.

 1913 ... A large forest fire burned 5,400 acres of New York State and private lands.

 1922 ... William Hough/Lingerlong Estate Corp. purchased Chase's Lake, Hinchings Pond and Parsons Pond from the Crawford family.

 1923 ... William Hough filed a map entitled Lingerlong Subdivision No.1 which included plans for a hotel, golf course, cabins, and many lots surrounding Chase's Lake. The Pines Hotel was reopened but shortly thereafter burned.

 1933 ... Chase's Lake Subdivision Restrictions were filed. Shortly after, lots #38 & #39 on West Shore Rd were sold to Arthur and William Tucker.

 1950 ... Chase's Lake Resort was established by William Hough with a small store, 9 rustic cabins, and a public beach.

 1964 ... The Shore Owners Association of Chase's Lake was formed.

 1965 ... William Hough conveyed to the Chase's Lake Association the waters of the Lake, the bed of the Lake, and the roadways and highways adjoining the lots and inlet.

 1979 ... William Hough died leaving the ownership of the Resort to his last caretaker Elmer Cobb.

 2008 ... Chase's Lake Resort property was sold to Lingerlong Estates and subdivided into private lots.

A special thank you to Carroll & Ginny Owens, Dan & Cathy Root, Ross Phelps and Chuck Bunke for their contributions of articles, pictures and postcards of our lakes colorful history.

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